Fair AdBlock:屏蔽广告插件下载

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摘要 : Fair AdBlock是一款可以帮助用户阻止广告和隐私跟踪,加速网页浏览的谷歌浏览器插件。
Fair AdBlock:屏蔽广告插件

Fair AdBlock:屏蔽广告插件下载

插件大小:302KiB 插件版本:1.118 支持语言:简体中文,English等17种语言 更新日期:2023-04-01 下载次数:47594 来自:Chrome商店
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Fair AdBlock是一款可以帮助用户阻止广告和隐私跟踪,提速网页浏览的谷歌浏览器插件。


Block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy.

+ Change the way you experience the web, protect your device and privacy and stand up for what you believe in!    

+ Our extension enables you to block many types of ads - you have full control. With our extension you can block annoying ads, pop-ups and malware and protect your device from any security threats and protect your privacy from online tracking. This will also enhance your browsing experience, start now to enjoy much faster, secure and private browsing!


+ Control your experience: You can allow certain types of ads or whitelist the websites you wish to support.

+ Block the most annoying ads, including: autoplay video ads, youtube ads, expanding ads, interstitial page ads, overlay ads.

+ Block pop-up ads and pop-unders no matter where you click on the page.

+ More blocking options: you can configure Stands extension to block Facebook ads, Webmail ads, Search ads, and more.



+ The most robust pop-up blocking logic - better than even Poper Blocker, JavaScript Popup Blocker, and Popup Blocker Pro.

+ Doesn’t hurt the free web – if you choose-  allow ads or whitelist sites to sponsor the sites you visit.

+ Faster and more efficient than AdBlock Plus.

+ More stable than AdGuard and Addblock Super.

+ Free forever Adblock.

Check out our website for more details: http://standsapp.org


/*Please note we’re in beta - will appreciate any and all feedback. If you have any issues please hit the feedback button in the app or email info@standsapp.org*/


PRIVACY: In one sentence: We don’t track you and we prevent others from tracking you!

We take your privacy very seriously. Privacy is one of our core values and we’ve built Stands from the ground up with that in mind.

The communication with our servers is encrypted and we don’t have any way to connect between you and your online activity. The only data we store is your preferences and statistical information about your impact and engagement so we can improve Stands for you.

The notice you see about having access to “all website data” is automatically generated because Stands need to access the ads on the page to block them and replace them with donating ads. Rest assured we can’t look at your private data!

PRIVACY POLICY: http://www.standsapp.org/privacy-policy/

End User License Agreement: http://www.standsapp.org/end-user-license-agreement/

OUR STORY: We founded Stands to give users a better way to control their online experience. We think users are under-represented, have been ignored for too long, and to protect their browsing and data had to use tools like AdBlock that are destructive. When we saw how indiscriminate ad blocking is, and the damage it causes to the web as more users join, we decided to build Stands as the fair alternative that not only improves your browsing, but also lets you drive real change in the world. We hope you’ll join us to build Stands into a platform that gives all of us the power to enjoy a free, respectful, and impactful web.


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